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Remodeling Your Home?

Remodeling a home can be both fun and rewarding. Imagine an old home with rotting wood siding and paint peeling being converted into a new home with brick siding in just a short time with no mess or damage to the surrounding landscape. Recently, a homeowner in Maryland decided to remove the warped and faded wood siding from his home and replace it with brick. He had heard of a new company, which had developed a way to place real brick on to a wood-sided house without using adhesives or glue.

The system uses real brick, which are sliced in half and notched with grooves which fit into a metal rail. Then once all the brick are in place, mortar is then applied to all the seams between the brick and once dried form a solid brick exterior. The brick are not panels or tiles; they are 100% real brick. The company is called Tru-Brix. If you own a wood, vinyl, or metal sided home and would like to replace it with real brick visit their website - Now you can convert any non-brick structure into real brick by using Thin Brick! Tru-Brix now has a Thin Brick Curtainwall system available!

Replacing Vinyl, Aluminum, and Wood siding with ThinBrick

Your home will be one of the largest, if not the largest, investments you ever make. There are many options and choices to make when deciding to build your new home. Like, what type of exterior and why does exterior matter? Many people fail to realize the importance of the exterior of a home until it is too late.

The difference in the siding you choose will decide what your heating/cooling bills will be, how much noise you hear from the outside, how much time you spend on repairs and cleaning your home, the resale value, and how long your home will last.

Brick: There are many different types of brick along with 100's of color varations to choose from. There are basically two ways brick are made, handmade and extruded. Brick has a classic beauty and elegance. Brick is strong and is pest and weather resistant. Brick is also fireproof. Homes and buildings built with brick 100's of years ago, that haven't been demolished, are still standing. Brick is energy efficient. Brick absorbs heat and slows down heat transfer keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Brick requires little or no maintenance - no washing, painting, rotting, warping, denting, or tearing. For brick choices for homes, click on a company icon on the left side of this page.

Special thanks to Redland Brick Company for supplying this video so we can watch the brick making process.

Wood: There are many types of wood to choose from when deciding to build a new home. Wood offers a natural look to a home, some insulation qualities, and is somewhat easy to repair and install. Wood is less durable than brick and requires painting and or staining regularly to prevent from rotting, pealing, cracking, or warping. If not kept up, wood can often promote the growth of algae, mildew, and moss, which can deteriorate the wood.

Vinyl: is a very popular siding for houses. Vinyl requires less maintenance than wood. Vinyl doesn't require any painting but does require washing regularly. Vinyl comes in many different colors and styles and is very cost effective. Vinyl offers little or no insulation value to the home. Vinyl can be damaged by storms and heat and it is not easy to repair; it is very easy to replace vinyl siding with brick.

Metal: Metal is both durable and fireproof but more costly than vinyl. Metal is difficult to repair and has poor insulation value. Metal siding can be damaged and can rust if not maintained regularly. Metal doesn't have a lot of different colors or styles to choose from.

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